Jamlo Walks

Jamlo Walks is a book by Samina Mishra, illustrated by Tarique Aziz In March 2020, a lockdown was declared in India with a 4 hour notice. Those of us…

Jamlo Walks

I chose to share this post by a fellow blogger – a blogger who I also have had the privilege to interview in 2020 as the Covid-19 crisis played out in India. She did some phenomenal work at that time and continues to do so now as well.

The incident which she speaks about, that is, children being so hungry, not having had a meal for over two days, that they were happy to eat the food laid out for street dogs – that bit was also covered in the interview.

I chose to share/re-blog this blog because it is about a children’s book that brings to light the glaring disparities, and it is about a real child, a real, little Indian girl who died trying to walk her way home. Why was she walking home? Why wasn’t she paid her dues? Why was she working when she should have been at school, and at home with her family? Why do children like her have to forgo education and the comfort and care of their families, and work in fields, and in factories?

Do read the blog. Do buy the book. It won’t make for comfortable reading. But it is something that I think we should read about. For this isn’t fiction. This is what inequality looks like. This is how inequality plays out. Little girls who simply collapse and die trying to walk home…

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