Jamlo Walks

Jamlo Walks is a book by Samina Mishra, illustrated by Tarique Aziz In March 2020, a lockdown was declared in India with a 4 hour notice. Those of us…Jamlo Walks I chose to share this post by a fellow blogger - a blogger who I also have had the privilege to interview in 2020 as … Continue reading Jamlo Walks

Adieu Kinetic Honda – my first love, my faithful friend and confidante

When I go to India now, it will no longer be there - standing faithfully like an old family dog, waiting for me in the courtyard, waiting for me to put it to life, bouncing over potholes and dirt roads and cruising through summer evenings and winter afternoons, through love and loss and so much in between. Farewell, my friend. You have served me like no other. There will be no one else like you.

An ode to the dishwasher

Why am I writing an ode to the dishwasher? I am, because having one after five years of hand washing the dishes, through potlucks and parties and everything in between, is like having a good magic spell in your kitchen. I will miss the way the husband made my day in the past by offering to do the dishes thrice in a row, but other than that - I am all ready to sing the dishwasher's praises!