The second bedroom

Today, we got the keys to the apartment we will be renting in Dublin. It has a 'proper' second bedroom - something we had wanted but never had in the last five years in the United Kingdom. My husband looks at the second bedroom and says, now when we fight we will both have a bedroom each to sulk. It makes me laugh for I had forgotten that not having one in the past meant that we always shared the bed no matter how much we had fought in the day...

Who says hello to me in a brand new town and country?

I step into the Luas. It's about 12.20 in the noon. As I make my way towards where I think I might find an empty seat, someone says 'hello.' I am taken aback. I am about two and half weeks old in the city and the country. We live in a service apartment and we … Continue reading Who says hello to me in a brand new town and country?

An ode to the dishwasher

Why am I writing an ode to the dishwasher? I am, because having one after five years of hand washing the dishes, through potlucks and parties and everything in between, is like having a good magic spell in your kitchen. I will miss the way the husband made my day in the past by offering to do the dishes thrice in a row, but other than that - I am all ready to sing the dishwasher's praises!

First evening in Dublin

It was our first evening in Dublin. My husband had accepted a job in Ireland, without either of us ever setting foot in the country before. When we reached the service apartment where we were to spend our first ever night in Ireland, we couldn't get anyone to let us in. It would have been a very sad evening if it wasn't for the warmth and friendly banter of the Irish taxi driver who had driven us from the airport to the service apartment and welcomed us to our new life...