Kindness is the superhero we all need – in 2022, and beyond…

As one writer shared: "Which brings me back to the original question – is there a Hindi word for kindness? Maybe there is and maybe there isn’t. It doesn’t matter. From the doctor who treated my family for free to the folks in the Jain mandir who gave us nutritious meals – it is our common humanity, our innate kindness that held us together. There was no reason for people to open their hearts at a time when all of us were stretched, but everyone still did."

Jamlo Walks

Jamlo Walks is a book by Samina Mishra, illustrated by Tarique Aziz In March 2020, a lockdown was declared in India with a 4 hour notice. Those of us…Jamlo Walks I chose to share this post by a fellow blogger - a blogger who I also have had the privilege to interview in 2020 as … Continue reading Jamlo Walks

A nation in grief, a nation in loss

What has really really shook me is the kind of death and devastation that is happening across India. What is going to be the impact of such loss? People who lost their loved ones due to Covid, or more so because timely treatment wasn't available to them - can you imagine the scars they would carry for life? The kind of grief and guilt they would encounter. Who will tend to their grief and loss?

Days of beauty and joy

Even if many such plans are cancelled with the new restrictions, it will be a small price to pay for the safety and health of everyone. Personally, the fact that I had a few absolutely beautiful days gives me the strength that if the coming months have more of social isolation, I will be okay. There's just so much loss and suffering around us because of Covid-19 that whatever problems the new restrictions might pose seem inconsequential in the larger scheme of things.

Thinking of fundraising to help feed the hungry during the Corona crisis?

And do not know how to start? Kumar Manish can help you with a few quick tips and suggestions. Manish is one of the team members behind #AhmedabadFightsCorona – an initiative that has managed to raise over 1.84 lakh rupees in just two days since the 21-day lockdown in India was announced. The team is … Continue reading Thinking of fundraising to help feed the hungry during the Corona crisis?