The Write Creed E24: Slow journalism, mental health, adoption and grief in The Good Story Project with Prerna Shah

This past week, I got my first podcasting experience. No, I did not create a podcast, but I appeared on one. I spoke with Eisha – a media professional who works with different mediums – about storytelling, helping other people tell their stories, and we also meandered on topics like grief and guilt.

I admit, I was slightly nervous. When I was in university, studying literature, a classmate had said to me – “Your voice reminds me of the ‘announcement lady’ on Indian railway platforms. The one who says, Gaddi platform number do se ab platform number teen pe ayegi. The train would now arrive at platform number 3 instead of platform number 2.” I did not how to take that feedback, and was conscious about the way my voice came across. But I admit I did nothing to change or work on it. I think I still speak in a similar manner, and my voice retains my Indian accent.

I am not sharing this incident to fish for compliments in a roundabout way. For me, it is rather about a realisation that I really hadn’t ‘heard’ my own voice the way one does when you play a podcast and hear yourself speak. It was a good experience, and I loved the fact that the conversation was easy and natural. When you are speaking with someone, one thing leads to another, you are perhaps more relaxed and open. Willing to share so much of your life and experiences. Willing to let the conversation take a turn and delve into territories that might be difficult to speak about. It is these aspects that make a podcast such a lovely medium to have conversations, interviews, and also for reciting stories, poems and even full-length novels.

As always, I am open for feedback – both constructive and critical. So don’t hesitate if you have a suggestion or two.  Kyunki,Gaddi number ek blog ke platform se podcast ke platform par pahuch chuki hai. Because train number one has now taken off from the blog station and is about to arrive to the podcast station…”

(Sorry, couldn’t resist that last bit!)

The Write Creed

Prerna Shah is a Dublin-based writer, blogger and journalist. In July 2020, right in the middle of the Covid19 pandemic, she and her friend Swati Subhedar startedThe Good Story Projectwhich is a storytelling platform that allows ordinary people to write about their lives. “A safe space where interviews, personal narratives and features could be conducted with balance and empathy.” In this episode of The Write Creed, Prerna and Eisha talk about the need and scope of slow journalism and then meander through topics of mental health, loss, adoption, grief and guilt, while weaving their own stories into the conversation.

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