Belvedere House – places that make your mind wander

Like many Georgian homes of the era, the Belvedere Estate has a walled garden, many walks and landscaped grounds. However, three things stood out for me. One was the story. And by god, what a story. It was as if, it came straight from Edgar Allan Poe's short story collection. There is a wall called the 'Jealous Wall' and this leads us to our story number one. A most haunting, a most unsettling story.

Little things that inspire me

home after picking up a few groceries from the town centre of the area we live in. When I was just a few hundred yards away from where we live, I noticed a woman - she must be in her late sixties or early seventies - picking up litter from the sides of the road. From underneath parked cars, to the undergrowth of shrubs and bushes, from the pavement...