Stockholm, do you remember us laughing hysterically at a metro station?

What happens when you board the wrong train? Or you board the right train and it turns out to be the wrong one? Well, something like that happened to us when we first landed at Stockholm in 2018. Two nearly forty women on a 'girls' trip that was off to a hilarious start from day one!

This blog will not be easy to read

This blog doesn't make for easy reading because it tries to compile, and will be an ongoing process at that, the news reports that document how the migrant community in India has been on the road - hungry, tired, exhausted as they make the long trudge home. Walking or cycling hundreds of kilometers in the summer heat so that they have a roof over their heads and two square meals a day. This is the tragedy unfolding in India during the Covid crisis. A man made tragedy because the government did not account for these people when it imposed a lockdown.