Experiencing the Culture Night in Dublin

Walking tours, taster dance classes, musical performances, literary readings, immersive cinema, open air concerts - the Culture Night in Dublin had so many things on offer and everything was free. And if you were lucky like us, the night had many other unintended surprises, like a grinning young man, randomly approaching you and asking if you had any weed please?

What’s Onam? What’s happening in this part of Dublin?

There's something about a feast that is served on a banana leaf, with as much as 26 different varieties of food, all vegetarian and to have people serving you with a lot of love and affection. It is for this feast of Onam sadya, that we took a bus, wearing our traditional Indian outfits with husbands and children in tow, and head to the North of Dublin. Because how can one possibly resist a feast so divine?

A September Saturday visit to Dalkey and Killiney Hill

It was a warm Saturday in the first week of September - not cold, not windy, and no rain. Which in Ireland is akin to winning the lottery and so we decided to take a day trip to Dalkey and Killiney Hill and beach. We were rewarded with such beautiful views that we felt guilty for not coming here before - such incredible natural beauty at just an arm's length away from where we live.