Ginger – the cat who adopted us

He loved sleeping on this Primark fluffy throw

In my last post, (‘Neighbouring’ – In Ireland, in United Kingdom, and in India), Ginger the cat who adopted us makes an appearance. He was the reason why we got to know our Reading neighbours Danuta and Peter so much better.

I thought I would share some pictures of Ginger and maybe everyone could agree how adorable he was.

Everyday he would wait for us to come home
Sometimes I would open the door in the morning and he would be there. Sitting on the foot rug, wanting to come in and say hello
At other times, he would be in the garden at the back, happiest when we had the laundry out to dry.
He had a really pink nose and a peculiar way of sleeping
It took him time but he learnt how to sleep the night through in his new custom-made house that came with a comfy blanket
Sometimes he preferred to sleep when the husband took a nap
He would also hop into our laundry basket
And he got quite fat because he would have a meal at our place and then go off to our neighbours’ Peter and Danuta and have a meal there as well and vice versa! We had to create a WhatsApp group so that we could text each other when we fed him so that he wouldn’t be fed twice (and get to lose a bit of that weight!)
I know this has been an over dose of Ginger, the cat who adopted us, but don’t you agree that he was just adorable?

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