The time we jumped off a bus in Malta

We made it to the portico and paused to take in the six columns and the two bell towers flanking them. But it was when we stepped inside that I felt like Alice in Wonderland. Or perhaps I had consumed magic mushroom? The interior of the dome was spectacular, coming alive in a beautiful gold, white and blue. As I stood wide-eyed and open mouthed, a man who must be in his sixties came to me. He pointed at a board and smiled. “Miraklu. Miracle.”

Travel is also about journeys that you never made

"Will you go to Paris for me," she once asked me, suddenly out of the blue. "I want it to be my gift. I will pay for the expenses that you and Nandan (my husband) will incur. But go and see Paris for me, please. I always wanted to but could never go there. Your father went when he was in the UK on a scholarship. We thought we would go there some day together but then, we had other priorities with our money. And then, I went blind. I cannot see Paris, its lights. What will I do going there?"