Getting chatty in Dublin

Now you there, you are a chatter. Just like me. So said the silverfish slayer man who had come to our apartment. Ireland, I find, is a good country for chatters. You are always having such interesting conversations with strangers - while out grocery shopping, running errands, while on a bus and asking for directions. Maybe you would like to read about the ones I have had so far?

Who says hello to me in a brand new town and country?

I step into the Luas. It's about 12.20 in the noon. As I make my way towards where I think I might find an empty seat, someone says 'hello.' I am taken aback. I am about two and half weeks old in the city and the country. We live in a service apartment and we … Continue reading Who says hello to me in a brand new town and country?

First evening in Dublin

It was our first evening in Dublin. My husband had accepted a job in Ireland, without either of us ever setting foot in the country before. When we reached the service apartment where we were to spend our first ever night in Ireland, we couldn't get anyone to let us in. It would have been a very sad evening if it wasn't for the warmth and friendly banter of the Irish taxi driver who had driven us from the airport to the service apartment and welcomed us to our new life...