What is authentic travel?

Many of us – as travellers, service providers, storytellers and content creators – have heard the term ‘authentic travel’ or authentic travel experiences. But you will know that the term is rather fluid and subjective.

It could mean different things for different people. However, more and more travellers are seeking authentic travel, which in some ways would mean travel experiences that are more real, immersive and genuine – as opposed to those that are stage-managed or touristy in nature. A lot of service providers are also trying to cater to this demand.

But how do we go about having these experiences? Not all of us have the budgets or circumstances that are conducive for slow travel.

I write about how one can do so, even if there is an element of luck and chance involved in having these immersive experiences. As some of you know that apart from my writing on this blog, as well as on The Good Story Project, I undertake (individually as well as along with a colleague) a variety of freelance content assignments – writing blogs, news reports and feature articles, creating About Us sections, documenting and producing booklets for not-for-profits and small businesses, offering developmental editing and book coaching…

This blog is a part of one of my paid assignments and I include tips and experiences that have helped me as well as instances and examples from our travels in real life.

For example, how after a tour of palaces, mosques and beautiful bazaars in Istanbul, we yearned to get away from other tourists like us, and how going to a local park where Turkish families came with books, picnic chairs and babies was a welcome and comforting break. There was only a lone stall selling grilled mackerel sandwiches, no restaurants and no ‘tourists’ (sans the husband and I). Watching the sun go down over the sea, whilst we munched on our grilled sandwiches was a far superior experience than the one recommended to us by a tour operator. It involved going for a dinner, dance and drinks evening.

Or how saying ‘yes’ led to an unexpected but a very fulfilling Christmas in Bruges, where we cooked for our Airbnb host and she in return, cooked for us.

Do let me know your feedback to this blog that I created for Best Locations Hotel. (com). All feedback, constructive as well as critical, is welcome. I would also love to hear from you about how you go about having more authentic travel experiences and if I want to include your quotes in future blogs or articles, I will seek your permission to do so.

The link to the blog is here: https://bestlocationhotels.com/how-can-we-have-more-authentic-experiences-while-travelling/

Pictures from Bruges, Istanbul and Brighton

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